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The Neuroscience Of You

Cutting edge neuroscience to build real self-knowledge


Deep Sphere exists to provide accessible and accurate self knowledge for individuals, teams and organisations to unlock performance.


Based on the latest peer-reviewed neuroscience research and optimised for assessment speed and predictiveness with over half a million profiles, Deep Sphere reveals unparalleled insight into human nature and behaviour. So you can know your team and shape your outcomes.

Developed by one of APAC's leading neuroscientists


Deep Sphere was created by Katharina Kuehn, one of APAC’s leading consumer neuroscientists and an expert in tapping into the unconscious patterns and secrets of our decision-making.


She has worked with high performing sports and business teams as well as leading brands around the world, with her work published by the international academic publisher IGI Global.


Her vision is to help people gain greater self-knowledge, find their superpowers and unlock the good in teams, brands and humanity.


So you can know yourself, uncover the hidden drivers of your decisions and shape your outcomes.

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